Day One were originally signed to Massive Attack’s label Melankolic they released their debut album ‘Ordinary Man’ in 2000 to great international success.

The group paved the way for artists such as The Streets in pioneering a unique new British rap style.

Day One consists of vocalist Phelim Byrne and multi-instrumentalist/producer  Matthew Hardwidge. The duo began collaborating in the mid-’90s, blending the storytelling traditions of hip-hop and British folk along with a slew of musical influences.

They were fortunate enough to find a collaborator in Mario Caldato Jr (Beastie Boys,Beck etc)  to work with on their projects he has co produced all of their output to date.

They released their 2nd LP probably art in 2007

Day One’s diversity is reflected in the various TV and Movie soundtracks in which their music has featured, including: dark, teenage epic Cruel Intentions, Emmy award-winning US series Six-Feet Under, Channel 4 hit Skins and most recently the hit US movie Easy A.

They have just finished their 3rd lp in Los Angeles, again working with longtime collaborator Mario Caldato Junior.



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